Item #1150
(90 Caplets)

XanoLean is the world's first nutraceutical formula to solve the problem
of food addiction and break the cycle of compulsive overeating.*

XanoLean works as a powerful appetite suppressant that makes you feel
completely satisfied by eating less food without the jittery side effects
associated with other weight loss products.* 

After taking XanoLean, you will experience an elevation in mood, mental
focus, energy and motivation.*

XanoLean is the only product formulated with an exclusive rapid delivery system,
SENDS” (Self-Emulsifying Nanosphere Delivery System), which increases the
absorption and amplifies the effectiveness of the ingredients in XanoLean to quickly
deliver maximum weight and inch loss.*



 major benefits of XanoLean's ingredients:    

PEA (Beta-Phenethylamine)
Releases a natural internal stimulant, "catecholamines", which burns stored fat into energy. Increases "dopamine," the feel good neurotransmitter that gives you a surge of pleasure, reduces hunger, suppresses appetite and stops you from overeating.*

Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango Seed Extract) 
Enhances weight loss by naturally accelerating the burning of stored body fat and suppressing the appetite. It also activates “leptin” that signals your body to stop eating.*

Fucoxanthin (Wakame Extract)
Targets visceral fatty tissues, mainly in the abdominal area. Powerful antioxidant that breaks down body fat and releases energy.*

ECGC (Green Tea)
Helps increase metabolism. Enhances energy and fat oxidation.*

Full-Spectrum Pomegranate Fruit Extract -
Anti-obesity action. Amplifies the effects of XanoLean’s other ingredients.*

Promotes fat breakdown and enhances weight loss. Increases focus, energy and endurance.*

Chromium Polynicotinate 
Promotes weight loss and lean body mass, as well as healthy glucose metabolism and lipid profiles.*

Increases enzymes that break down fat and boosts metabolism by stimulating thyroid gland activity.*

Purple Corn Color
Boosts activity of anti-obesity genes that help regulate fat cells. Helps prevent fat storing.*

Increases the absorption and amplifies the effectiveness of XanoLean’s other ingredients.*